March 1, 2013 2:57am

I saw an interesting post on facebook that got me thinking... Hmm, I guess that could be kind of dangerous at 3 in the am! But here is where my thoughts led me:
I believe that while language is one of human kind's greatest blessings, it is also one of our worst curses. In the time of cavemen, everyone did what they felt the needed to do when they needed to do it. They ate when they were hungry, had sex when they wanted to, slept when they were tired, fought when they needed to defend their selves, and so on. People behaved how they felt. There was no need to fake behavior or hide it, because after all, who was going to say anything about it! No one was going to question someone else's actions or analyze them or talk about them behind their backs. Life was simple back then. Do you think any of the cave women worried what other cave women were saying about them? Of course not. They were worried about more important things! Do you think that cave men bothered to lie to anyone. Of course not, they had better things to do! But then humans developed language. Sure, language is great. It allows people to communicate and learn more about the world around them and all of that good stuff. But it also allows people to hurt each other and their own selves. When language came around, people started wondering about their actions. They started putting words to feelings and wondering what caused feelings. It all got difficult then! Now, it seems like words are used as weapons rather than tools. So, while language is cool, it is also dangerous if not used properly. A blessing and a curse, all in one!

March 7, 2013, 3:04pm

I have kind of a cold right now, or something like that. But it has caused me to lose my voice. So if I want to speak to someone, I have to try to whisper and even that hurts. But the funny thing is that when you whisper to people, they respond in a whisper too! I wonder why that is. Does this mean something about how people follow others without knowing why? Or does this mean that people are more polite than we believe because they are responding in the way we spoke to them? Hmmm. What do you think? Try it - speak to people in a whisper and see how many people respond back in a whisper without questioning why they are whispering!

April 11, 2013
I am not the most religious of people. But I do believe in God. I was taught to pray when you need God's help (and to thank Him too). So I pray when I need His help. I was also taught that when you pray, you should have faith that God will answer your prayers. So, my question (not to anyone in particular, I guess) is this: after you pray and do what you you can on your end too, is stressing out over the matter the equivalent to not having faith? I know that God answers prayers on His time, not ours. But sometimes it seems like the prayers are just not getting answered. And I'm not praying for anything frivolous, just the basic necessities, nothing extra. I am trying to do my part too. But it just doesn't seem to be coming together, which makes me stress about it. So that made me question whether my stress is the same as me losing faith. The funny thing is that while I was thinking about this question as I drove home, a car almost hit me (other drivers make me so nervous with their recklessness! But that is another rant entirely!). It came really close. But it didn't hit me. So was this God's way of reassuring me that He still has my back even if I don't quite understand the plan? Some people might say it's coincidence. But I think I will choose to believe it's confirmation!

January 30, 2014, 1:18 pm
Yesterday, I saw a video of a politician threatening a reporter. I guess he thought the cameras weren't rolling. Today, I saw a post on facebook of a group of police officers tormenting a guy in the middle of the street in broad daylight. I guess they thought no one would notice.
These things remind me of when I was growing up. My parents, and every adult for that matter, always told me that God is watching everything I do even if no one else is. While I still believe this holds true, I also believe that God has some assistants now who bring this kind of stuff to light. Every one has camera phones and I Pads and other recording devices now. It seems like someone is always being caught doing something outrageous that they probably would not have done if they knew they were being recorded.
This being said, one would think that it would make people more conscious of their actions - since they never know when they are being recorded. Or, at least, that is my hope. People are doing some really messed up stuff to other people out there for no real reason. I wonder if we all walked around with a sign that read "Recording in Progress" if that would change how mean and cruel people are to each other?
Just another random thought. Hmmmm......

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