Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project of the Week: Tutus

Hi, all! I hope you had fun trying tomake your rag doll. If you have not tried it yet, add it to your list of things to try! Here is another fun project to try. This one is very easy too!

Apparently, tutus are in now! So I found out how to make them. It is much easier than you might think.

Here is what you will need:
Elastic (the width you prefer. For bigger tutus, I like 1." For the baby tutu pictured here, I used 3/8," but it really is up to you)
Needle and thread
Tulle (how much you need depends on how big you want your tutu and on how long)
Fabric glue, ribbons, and flowers (all of these are optional. It just depends on if you want to decorate your tutu or not)

How to make your tutu:
1. Decide how many inches you want your waist band to be. This does not need to be exact because the elastic stretches, but you want it close so it could be comfortable. Then cut a piece of elastic one inch longer than your desire length.
2. Using the needle and thread, sew the ends of the elastic piece together with the inch of extra length overlapping.
3. Cut a lot of strips of tulle to your desired length and width. Make sure you cut your strips twice the length you want your tutu to be. For this baby tutu, I used 2" thick pieces (But the average width for bigger tutus seems to be about 3" or 4"). And I wanted the tutu to be about 4" long, so I cut my strips 8" long.
4. Stretch your elastic band on the back of a chair or any other sturdy place where it can be stretched out while staying in one place.
5. Take one strip of tulle, put the two ends together, place the loop of the tulle behind your elastic band, then pull the two ends of the tulle through the loop. Tighten the knot it makes.
6. Repeat step 5 over and over, pushing the knotted strips of tulle closer to each other as you work, until you have covered your elastic band.
7. Now your tutu is complete! You can decorate or add other details to your tutu by using the fabric glue to place flowers, bows or ribbons on the tutu.

I hope you enjoy this project. Please share your experiences, tips, or questoins with me.

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