Monday, July 16, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

Last night, my boyfriend was going through his closet to get rid of some clothes. As he was tossing his old shirts to the side to get rid of, all I could think was, "that looks like great material for crafts!" So, I am going to use that material to make another doll. This will give me a chance to practice making rag dolls and work out the kinks I ran into on the first one. Also, I am re-purposing something! If you have any clothes you want to get rid of, see if you can use that material for anything before discarding them. Also, some of the shirts he got rid of happened to be white. I would like a different color for my doll, so I am using my acrylic paint to dye the fabric. Just add whatever color you want into a bucket of water and let the material soak in it for a while. The longer it soaks in the water, the deeper your color will get. When you are ready, rinse the material well, dry it (air dry or dryer), and iron it to get rid of the wrinkles. Then you are ready for your project!!

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