Thursday, August 2, 2012

Granny's Cake

My step daughter's (I strongly dislike that term! But I digress!) granny turned ninety last week. So she wanted to do something special for her. This is what we came up with!
Her granny loved it! We used a really yummy and easy recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Cake III from We tried to make hommeade fondant, but that was not a good experience (I will share a good recipe when I find one that is easy and tasty). Eventually, we were able to work something out with the fondant though. Then we used peanut m&m's (granny's favorite candy) to make flower petals, and pieces of colored fondant for leaves. We had a great time making it and problem solvng the whole fondant situation together. And when we were done, her granny had a delicious, memorable birthday cake!

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