Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Costume Dilemma

Halloween is coming up. And usually, by this time, all the kids knew what they wanted to be weeks ago. Well, not my son. He wasn't sure what he wanted to be. He really wasn't too excited about it this year. I jokingly suggested a ghost. I told him we would just use a sheet and cut holes for the eyes. He was ok with this! But I don't have any sheets I am willing to cut! Then, he decided he wanted to be an alien. Cool, right? Here's the dilemma. My son doesn't like face makeup or masks. Hmmmm, what I am going to do about this? I need to figure out a cool, inexpensive alien costume with no makeup and no mask. I am not too worried about my daughter's costume. She's a girl and she's only one. This means that there are endless possibilities, and she is too young to like or dislike a costume! But my son's costume has me thinking!

So what are you doing for your kids' costumes?

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