Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Niece Projects

Ok, friends. It's time to share another one of my creations that I made with love especially for one of my precious nieces! This one is for my sister's daughter. They live in Germany right now. So it gets pretty cold over there. When I asked my sister if there was anything special I could make for her , she told me they like to wrap my niece up in the morning. So she said a blanket would be nice. But me, not wanting to do any old blanket, wanted to add a little something to it. So I decided to crochet a hooded blanket.

Here it is!

And here is my little girl (who is only a few months younger than her cousin) modeling the blanket!

I hope this keeps her nice and warm, and that she feels the love from her Titi Betty every time she uses it!!!