Monday, November 26, 2012

Project of The Week: Yarn Bangle

I finally have a new project of the week for you! Sorry for slacking.

When my sister sent me my paint set, she also sent me a set of brushes that came in a clear cylinder package. Me, not wanting to waste anything, kept looking at this clear cylinder and wondering what could I make with it. I kept thinking about bracelets, but was not exactly sure of the best way to go about it. But I finally decided that yarn would be a good way to go. So, my friends, this week's project is a yarn bangle!

Here's what you need:
tapestry needle (or a needle with a big enough eye for yarn to go through)
thumb tack
flexible plastic

Here's how you do it:
1. Cut a strip of the plastic to the length and width you prefer. I used my wrist to measure the length and made it one inch wide. Make sure that the length gives you enough room to comfortably slide the bangle on and off your wrist, and then leave about a half of an inch to overlap.

2. Connect the ends by overlapping them by about a half of an inch. Hold them in place and poke two holes in them with your thumb tack. Poke one hole closer to the top and the other hole closer to the bottom of the edges.

3. Then, thread the needle with your yarn. Thread your needle into both holes and tie the yarn where they meet. Do not cut the yarn.

4. Now you can cover your plastic with the yarn. Make sure to wrap the yarn tight enough to keep it in place but not tight enough to make the plastic bend (unless you prefer the curved look for the bangle). As you work, push the yarn together so you do not leave any uncovered spaces. Continue wrapping the yarn around the plastic until it is completely covered.

5. After the plastic is completely covered, thread all of your beads onto the yarn. As you continue to wrap the yarn around the bangle, push the beads down into place where you want them.

6. When you are satisfied with your bead placement, thread the extra yarn behind the yarn that is already in place on the inside of the bangle. Weave the extra yarn through a few times to secure it in place, then cut off the excess yarn.

Your bangle is done!! You can wear it with your favorite outfits or give it away as a gift!

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