Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday's Paintings

Hello, everyone!
As promised, I will show you the paintings I did last Saturday. Man those things take a long time to dry!

I kept this one simple. But I am pleased with the way it came out.

I wanted to do this one as a diamond shape, rather than a square. I just thought it looked better that way for this one! This picture was inspired by a really pretty tree that I see every morning. I'm not sure I did the tree justice. But I still like it!

This one is especially for Chelsea! (For those of you who don't know, she is my wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, talented, amazing step daughter!) This painting was fun to do. She wanted something whimsical. So, in keeping with the whimsy, I felt this one should also be a diamond. You can't really tell by the photo, but the leaves are textured, which I think keeps it kind of fun looking.

I also did some butterflies for her!

Last week, I showed you my Valentine's Day basket with the bear. Well, one of my friends liked the bear. So she ordered one with Buc's (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) colors for her son. So here is hers!

I love bears!

That's all for today, friends! I haven't been up to too much this week, so I will not bore you with that today!

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