Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pinata Day

Today, I got to spend some time with one of my good friends. We were expecting it to rain,so we didn't feel like going anywhere. (Since that would mean dragging our young children in and out of the rain!) So we decided to hang out and make it a craft day. I soooo love craft days!

My friend is incredibly talented at making pinatas. She was kind enough to share her techniques with me. Yay! We decided that since it was my first pinata, we would start small. But I still wanted to do something cute. Since I love Betty Boop (she is the epitome of both cute and sexy!), I had to make a Betty Boop pinata. I could have tried something a little more easier. But where is the fun in that!!

This is what I ended up with! Not bad for my first one, right? Of course, now I want to try a much bigger one and try to make an even better Betty Boop! But this was so much fun to do! Thank you, Maria! (Oh, and thank to our kids, who played well enough to entertain each other and then took nice naps when you were done! This allowed us to finish our pinatas!)

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