Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Craft Tip: Mistakes Can Sometimes Make it Better

One of my elementary school art teachers once told me that there are no mistakes in art. It sounded crazy to me at the time. But it makes perfect sense to me now. Sometimes, when we make a mistake while doing a project, we might get upset or worry and fret about it. This might cause us to stop what we are doing and start from the beginning all over again. It may even cause us to get too discouraged and abandon the project altogether. But I have learned that it is best to continue the project and make the mistake work in your favor. Sometimes, the mistakes we make on a project can actually make the project look better!

For example: I was working on a special project with Chelsea. In my mind, I envisioned it going one way. But when I was putting it together, I miscounted and it did not exactly end up how I had planned.

We were making this prayer box.

The heart was supposed to stand up straight....

But my miscount when I was assembling the heart made it lean back. However, I think that it looks sooooo much better leaning back! In this case, my mistake made it better! I am not so sure if I can repeat what I did to make it lean back or not, but at least this project came out really nice!!!

So the next time you make a mistake on a project, see it through anyway. It might come out better than you expected! Let me know about some of your mistakes that have enhanced your project!

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