Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project of the Week: Sea Shell Earrings

While Chelsea (my step-daughter) was here in Florida, visiting us, we went to Fort DeSoto Beach (gorgeous beach!). As we played in the water, we noticed some beautiful sea shells all over the sand at the bottom of the water. So, I thought that I might possibly be able to make something with them. But as we collected sea shells, we saw that some of them had holes in them.

This gave me an idea to make earrings! So we collected as many shells as possible, especially choosing the ones with holes. We took them home and washed them off, and then began trying to find some shells that resembled pairs. I found a set that I thought was really great for a set of pretty earrings.

Then, I collected everything I wanted to use.

You will need:

Two "matching" (or semi-matching, it depends on your style) shells
clear string (fishing wire or beading string works well)
earring hooks
small beads (I used pearlescent ones)

Then, I started making my earrings.

How to make them:
1. Make sure you wash the sand and salt water off your shells. You can use a nail brush or old tooth brush to really help you get the sand and saltiness off.
2. Cut a piece of the clear string long enough to be able to work with comfortably. String a few beads on the string. I used three because the shells were small. But you can use more or less, depending on your shell size. Then string the shell on. Then, string on the same number of beads on the other side of the shell.
3. After the beads and shell are strung on, you can tie a secure knot where the beads meet (I used a triple knot because I am not very knowledgeable about knots. But if you know of a better knot, use it. Also, if you do know of a better knot, please share!). Then string on the loop of your earring hook. Tie another secure knot at the base of the earring hook loop. Cut off excess string.
4. Repeat all the steps for the second earring.

You now have a piece of the beach to wear with your favorite outfit! I gave these to Chelsea to take home as a momento from this trip. I think she liked them!!

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