Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project of the Week: Twine Cornucopia

While trolling through Pinterest the other day, looking for any cool project ideas, I found something that interested me. They had a DIY Christmas tree made from yarn and glue. I thought this was a pretty creative idea. But, of course, I had to make it my own! Plus, I wanted to do something Fall-themed. What could be more Fall and Thanksgiving themed than a cornucopia?! So that is how this week's project was born!

What you will need
a sheet of paper
plastic wrap
newspaper (to cover your work area)

How to do it
1. Wrap your piece of paper into a cone shape.

2. Put your hand inside the cone to help you shape the tip into a curved end.

3. Wrap your cornucopia shaped paper with plastic wrap.

4. Wrap your twine around your covered shaped until you are satisfied with how it is covered. Cut the twine where you want it to stop and tuck the end into another piece of twine.

5. Generously coat your cornucopia with glue. Set this on top of newspaper to dry. It helps if you put a piece of plastic wrap on top of the newspaper, since it is easier to remove the plastic wrap than it is to remove the newspaper.

6. When everything is completely dry, carefully remove the paper and plastic wrap. You should now have a twine cornucopia!

You can place flowers, pine cones, fake fruit, or other decorative seasonal items in the mouth of your cornucopia for the perfect holiday centerpiece or decoration!

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  1. it looks great am definitely going to try it