Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hi, all!

I hope that everyone had a safe, wonderful Halloween! It's fun to see all the little kids excited about their costumes and showing them off while they compare their costumes to all their friends' costumes! And then watching their little faces light up every time someone adds candy to their little Halloween bags! Such an energetic day filled with fun and excitement!

But alas! I think I may have ruined Halloween for my little boy. Either that, or he has outgrown Halloween at ten years old! Let me explain:

This year, he was not terribly excited about any costume as he has been in previous years. And when he finally decided to be an alien with no mask or make up, he still didn't seem any more excited than before. This year, he wasn't counting down the days until he got to go trick or treating, he wasn't trying on his costume, he wasn't trying to figure out where we would go to trick or treat. None of that. The day before Halloween, I asked him if he even wanted to go trick or treating. He said, "Not really. It's kinda pointless cuz I don't even eat all that candy."

I must confess, the tiny part of me that was not exactly thrilled to be dragging him and his sister from house to house at night was a little relieved. But the other part of me felt a little sad. You see, I never allowed my son to eat all of his Halloween candy within a few days like most kids. I kind of ration it out so he doesn't get sick or get cavities. He still has plenty of Halloween candy from last year! So, his reply made me wonder if I had ruined Halloween for my boy. The candy is probably the best part of Halloween for kids. And I limit that. Plus, I have never been into decorating for Halloween. So our home was devoid of any Halloween decor. Have I ruined Halloween for my son? Or has he simply outgrown it, for now?

Since trick or treating is for the kids, and my son said he did not want to go, we did not dress up or go out trick or treating. My daughter is still too young to notice. So she didn't miss anything. We just stayed home like any other day. We did get a bag of candy to give to any trick or treaters that came by our house. But our neighborhood doesn't have many kids. We didn't even get one trick or treater. I didn't even see any kids in costumes at all today. It was as if Halloween never even happened this year. Not that I have ever been a Halloween nut, but this did feel a little weird.

So this was our family's Halloween this year. How was yours? Did you have a fun time? Did you or your kids dress up? Share some pics of your costumes with us if you'd like. Or share any of your weird or funny Halloween stories!

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