Monday, December 17, 2012

Productive Weekend

Hello, blog friends and family!
I hope that everyone had a nice weekend in spite of the awful events that happened in CT. Please remember to take a moment in prayer or remembrance for the lost lives and for their families. Things like this help us remember that we are truly blessed to be able to have each day that we do with the people we love. I don't want to bring anyone down. But I did want to remind everyone to keep these families in your prayers and your hearts.

On a more positive note, this weekend was kind of a productive one for me. First, I was able to work on some more niece projects. This means I have all the baby/toddler nieces taken care of for Christmas!
I made her a doll. Still working on improving my dolls and their clothes. This one is a little better than the last one I made, but I am struggling with the clothes. Plus, I am still trying to get used to of using a sewing machine. Still working on it.

I made my niece and her sister some jewelry (I love these little girl charms!)

Then I made them hats to keep warm

And I could not resist making another jewelry box!

Plus, I have been trying to work on some more dolls. I am pretty happy with the way this one turned out. But like I said, still a work in progress!

I so enjoyed making her outfit!

If you like this doll, she can be purchased through my Etsy shop. I plan to work on some more too. 

So how was your weekend?

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