Sunday, January 20, 2013

Latest Projects

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to go to the Ybor Saturday Market. For those of you not from my area, Ybor is the historic part of town, so it is a very cultural and artsy part. The Saturday Market is a place where local small businesses and vendors go and sell their arts, jewelry, food, services, crafts, plants, and other things. I didn't realize they did this every Saturday. I guess I really don't take advantage of living here!

But anyway, I went to the Saturday Market yesterday. There were so many talented people there! I walked around and talked to some of the vendors while I looked at their items. Usually, I am not the person to strike up conversations with people I don't know. But the atmosphere there was so friendly and inviting that it didn't take much effort to start talking to them. I had a great time! Well, inspired by the talent I saw, I came home and finished up a few projects and did a few paintings. Since I haven't shared any new projects with my friends, I figured this would be a great time to do so!

First, I was asked by a friend to make a set for her niece. She saw my ballerina doll and thought it would be cute to give her niece a doll with a matching tutu for her niece. That way, her niece could dress up like her doll!

 I gave this doll different hair than the others. I like the way it came out!

I had already made some dolls for my nieces before, but I didn't think my daughter would be interested in one. Apparently, I was wrong! She keeps trying to play with this one. So, I will be making her one soon. I will share it with you when it is done!

Now, I know I'm behind in getting something for Valentine's Day ready, but I was trying to think of something cute. I've kind of been in a sort of creative slump lately, so that was a bit of a chore. But I think I came up with something nice here now!

Ta Da! It's a Valentine gift basket!

The colors are red, yellow, and orange, just like fire for a red hot Valentine!

It has felt hearts all over it

You can purchase this red hot gift basket from my Etsy shop!

I did a few paintings yesterday as well. But they are still wet. I don't really want to mess with them while they are still wet. But I will post some pics of the new paintings soon.

And don't forget, there is still time to get in on my giveaway! Tell your friends about it too!


  1. these are adorable...I luv the sound of the market.....I enjoy going to the one in our town...sure hope you have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Lovely!!! thank you so much for your visit!!
    I follow you!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥