Monday, March 4, 2013

Caylin's Doll

Ta Da!

Hello again! I finally finished my daughter, Caylin's doll a little bit ago. But I forgot to share it with all of you. So sorry :(  But fear not, for I will share with you now!

I tried to make Caylin's doll similar to her

 Of course, I could not capture all of that adorableness in a doll, but I tried to give it some of her features. I gave her a lot of curly hair and big brown eyes!

Then, I had to make her clothes. Caylin had a really cute shirt that had ruffles on it. The bottom ruffle tore off, so I decided to re-purpose it!

I used the ruffle for the bottom of the doll's dress and used similar designs so they could have a matching outfit!

I tried to get pictures of the both of them together, but Caylin is a very reluctant model!

I had a lot of fun making this doll for my baby girl and am glad to have the opportunity to share the fun with you! Thanks for stopping by today!

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