Sunday, March 10, 2013

Betty's Blocks!

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

I finally finished my latest project and am so excited to share it with you today! I worked really hard on it and I am pretty proud of the end results. So here goes my shameless blogommercial! (Hey, if you can't advertise your work on your own blog, where can you do it! ;))

Now introducing (drum roll please!)....
Betty's Blocks!

My sister came up with the idea and the name for this one, but I really like both! Thanks, Amy! :)

Betty's blocks are personalized letter block organizers. They are 3" open cubes made from plastic canvas and yarn.

They can be used to organize dressers or desks or anything.

You can store all kinds of items or supplies in them!

Perfect for adults, children, boys, and girls because they can be made in any colors with any name!

The inside is lined with plain plastic canvas to avoid fraying or snagging.

Great for children's rooms or as toys too!

You can tie them together to keep them connected, or you can leave them separate.

So what do you think?

If you like these, please visit my Etsy shop and place your order! While you're there, take a look around and see what else you might like! Thanks for allowing me to share this with you today! 

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