Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hello again!
Sorry I am behind in my posting. I was feeling sick for a few days. But I am feeling better now. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! Even though I was not feeling too well that day, I did have a pretty nice Easter with my boyfriend's family. The kids really enjoyed themselves too, which is always awesome! But because I did not feel too well that day, I did not take all the photos that I would have liked to share with you :( Which is a shame because my lil' princess looked so pretty in her dress! I do have just a few to share though:

the kids dyeing their eggs

he is patiently waiting for the egg to soak up some color!

Their Easter baskets. I was originally not going to do them this year because I didn't think Davion would be interested and Caylin is so young that it probably does not make a difference to her yet. But Davion did express interest in an Easter basket (yay! I like doing these kind of things for them and I thought he had outgrown them!) and someone gave me a bunch of goodies for them. So I decided it would be fun.

So how was your Easter? I hope you and your family got to enjoy your Easter weekend.
And if you did get a chance to take a lot of photos, maybe you can use this coupon so you can get your My Memories program to create some special photobooks!


  1. really cute , hope u had a nice easter! :)

    NEW POST :)
    xx ♥

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    1. Thank you! Your blog is pretty cool too! I'm now a follower!