Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Birthday Week!

Well, this week I turned 31! Woo hoo! Most people, especially women, dread getting older. But I am pretty grateful for it because it means that I have had another year of life experience. And even though everything in life does not always go as planned or hoped for, each experience teaches me something. Sometimes I learn more about myself. Sometimes I learn more about people. Sometimes I learn more about how the world works. But I always learn something. So each year that I get a bit older, I feel a bit more wiser. So I embrace each year!

Embracing a birthday does not always mean doing anything extravagant to celebrate. And this year, I did not. I had some family time, which is also something I learn to appreciate more and more each year. My birthday fell during the week, so we didn't do anything special on that day. But we did go to the drive in as a family and watch The Croods together. SO that was nice. And this year, I felt like baking and decorating my own cake. Some people think that is weird. But it is what I wanted to do! So I did!

Working with fondant is pretty fun. But it can get messy when you add color to it!
This week has also been a pretty productive week for me. So be sure to check my shop for some new listings!


  1. That cake is gorgeous, stopping by from click and comment in etsy. I will make sure to follow you here and check out your easy shop.

    Happy blogging!

    1. Thank you, Katie! I appreciate the support! I am heading over to your blog now!