Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving Forward Friday

Well, it feels like I haven't created anything in such a while. I guess I haven't. That makes me feel sooo unproductive. But, today, I have been inspired to do a few more projects.

And I saw something cool on the PBS channel that I would also love to try. That's right - the PBS channel! They still have some pretty interesting programming going on! I saw a painting show and some of the techniques the guy used looked really pretty and fun to do. I figures I could try that out this weekend. But the guy (I forgot his name, sorry) also said something that I have heard before but needed to be reminded of again. He said that when you create art, don't worry about it looking perfect while you are doing it. The end result is still beautiful. This also reminded me to just do what I feel and stop over-thinking what I am working on. Sometimes, I get so caught up in trying to make everything look perfect that I lose some of the fun in creating. But I need to remember that not every thing I create will be a masterpiece, but that arts and crafts is all about the fun of just doing it and putting me into it. With this reminder, I feel a little refreshed and inspired! So I am moving forward on this Friday to keep creating!

A few new projects I am working on!

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