Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mommy's Sick Day

If you are a mom, you probably have no idea what "Mommy's Sick Day" even means, since most of us moms do not get sick days. But I have to say that I am truly blessed because I got to have a sick day. Really! I'm not saying I'm blessed because I got sick. I am just saying that while I was sick, my family was awesome enough to allow me to have my sick day. What a blessing! Allow me to explain:

My original plan for this weekend was to spend most of it painting these lovelies

However, things did not go according to plan.
My little one, Caylin, has a bit of a cold. You know, the whole runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, crankiness thing. And we all know that when one person gets sick, it usually doesn't stop there. So Mommy got sick too. Friday evening, my throat felt like it was closing up and hurt to even swallow water. By Saturday morning, it hurt to talk and my body was weak and achy. So I decided to stay in bed. I know this idea is inconceivable to most moms, but I was able to do it! Thanks to my amazing son and boyfriend. While I was in bed and my boyfriend was at work, my eleven year old, Davion, stayed with Caylin. He kept her occupied so she would not bother me. He fed her, changed her pampers, even cleaned her boogers! The only times he came into my room were to remind me of what time I was supposed to give Caylin her medicine and to ask what to eat. And he occasionally came in just to spend a moment with me. But I did not have to get out of bed because he had it under control! He even laid Caylin down for her nap when she started to get cranky. Davion was Super Brother! He is great! Then, when my boyfriend came home, he took over. He kept the kids out of my room so I could sleep. He made dinner and made sure they ate. And he did not bother me either! So, I was able to get the rest that I needed to feel better! And I do, thanks to my amazing family!

Yesterday made me feel so incredibly loved because my family went out of their way to make sure that I was able to get the rest I needed to feel better. I know that not everyone has this option. So I am truly grateful to be able to have gotten my "Mommy's Sick Day." Thank you, family!

My right hand man

 My beautiful gremlin with her hair going everywhere because Mommy was not up to doing anything to it!


  1. You're a lucky lady! I had a migraine earlier this week, but with a 5 year old & a newborn & a hubby working overtime- no sick day for me!

  2. I am lucky, and blessed! I hope you got rid of your migraine. Those are awful! I don't know if you have tried this, but a lot of times a netti pot helps me get rid of my migraines. It feels funky at first, but it helps!