Sunday, August 4, 2013

Minion Cupcake Party!

Ok, so I guess I have caught the Minion fever that's been going around! I can't help it. They are so cute! (Even though I have been informed by my 11-year-old that I shouldn't call them cute. I guess he has gotten to the age where cute is definitely not cool!) We went to see the movie last week and I have been very fond of them since! So when my friend told me she was coming over with her 18 month old, I thought it would be a good idea to do cupcakes. But then I thought it would be a better idea to decorate the cupcakes like minions! So that's what we decided to do. And we called it our minion cupcake party!

We had a lot of fun that day! While we waited for our cupcakes to cool and for the toddlers to nap, we decided to do an impromptu beauty photo shoot for her. She is very pregnant and it's always nice to have some great pregnancy pics. But like I said, it was impromptu. This means that we didn't have any nice clothes for her to wear in the pictures. So what did we do - we Scarlett O'Haraed it! Oh yes, my friends, we used some beautiful curtains to look like a really pretty dress! And we used a plain white sheet tacked to the wall for a background. We did her make-up using some awesome eye shadows I got from Madison Street Beauty that I am in love with! We used some lamps for better lighting. It was such a blast! The pictures came out really pretty too.

Didn't they come out great! She looks gorgeous! (and thank you for allowing me to share these with my followers!)

Then, the kids woke up and cut our photo session! But that's ok cuz we had some cupcakes to decorate! The plan was to let the toddlers decorate (or make a mess, depending on how you look at it!) their own cupcakes while me, Davion, and my friend did the others. Well, as soon as we put a cupcake infront of each toddler, they wasted no time digging into them! The poor cupcakes didn't stand a chance! So the toddlers' cupcakes never got decorated. I guess it's for the better since they probably didn't need the extra sugar! But we did get to decorate the other cupcakes though. Take a look:

Cupcake eating fun!!!

They are by no means perfect! But we had a great time making them! So much fun that day!

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  1. I love Market Street Beauty too. I also love the Despicable me movies! I think that they are some of the best movies out there for kids, that adults can enjoy just as much. I am dreading enduring Smurfs 2, but I cannot wait for a Despicable Me 3! Cute cupcakes!!!