Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Baby Shower Fun!

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I have updated this blog! I guess I have been pretty busy though! I have been making and adding many new items to my new shop, PoPExpressions  ( ). Please check it out when you have a moment! So I haven't really added anything new to my first Etsy shop in a while either. I'm not sure how people keep up with more than one Etsy shop! But I will figure it out! I have also been trying to keep up with social media more. So I am tweeting and instagramming. Find me @bettysblock for both of them. At some point, I will figure out how to manage all this stuff smoothly. In the meantime, bare with me!

Another project that has kept me a little busy is helping my friend (the one from the photos in my previous post), Maria, with her baby shower. I just love baby shower stuff! It's so much fun! I figured today would be a good chance to update my blog and share some pictures of a few of the things I helped my friend with!
The bay-to-be will be named Kaleb

My friend definitely wanted a picture board thing (not sure what they are actually called) for her party. We thought it would be cute to have a giant baby! This was a blast to make and I think it came out so cute! It was a hit at the baby shower! 

My son trying it out

Some photo props to go take fun pics with. The one in the middle is for those people who don't like to show up in pictures. I figured this would be a fun/funny way to include them in pictures anyway!

The cake! Maria wanted a sports themed baby shower. I thought that was a pretty original idea for a baby shower theme! It was a fun theme to work with and it gave me a chance to try something different with the cake.

She had her diaper cake next to a framed picture of her. All of her guests signed the matted part of the frame. That is a great souvenir for her to cherish from her baby shower!

The diaper cake - because no baby shower is complete without one! I took pictures of it from all the different sides.

(sorry this one is a bit blurry)

I put the letters of the bay's name on diapers and hung them up on the clothes line!

I took a whole lot more photos. But I took them on her camera - go figure! But at least the baby shower was a success! Everyone had fun and loved the decorations!

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